• Killarney with Waterviews

    Killarney with Waterviews

    Sold for 62% of the assessed value on April 2, 2020

  • 7.48 Acres Parry Sound

    7.48 Acres Parry Sound

    Sold for 43% of the assessed value on February 27, 2020

  • Clarington Acreage and Waterfront

    Clarington Waterfront

    Sold for $157,600 below the assessed value on November 21, 2019


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  • Timmins - Acreages, Houses
    On September 24, 2021 the tenders will be opened. The tenders will then be opened on the same day at 3:15 pm. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, members of the public are invited to attend virtually using the link https://www.timmins.ca/tax_sales

  • West Nipissing - Waterfront
    On September 28, 2021 the tenders will be opened

  • Cochrane - Vacant Land
    On September 30, 2021 the tenders will be opened

  • Minden Hills - Vacant Land
    On October 1, 2021 the tenders will be opened

  • Tecumseh - House
    Tax Sale Has Been Cancelled By The Town

  • Sault Ste. Marie - Houses, Commercial, Vacant Land
    On October 26, 2021 the tender will be opened


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Northumberland County, Hastings County, Timiskaming District


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Tweed - NEW - 3 Properties. Acreages
On November 3, 2021 tenders will be opened

6 Properties for sale

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OntarioTaxSales.ca  OTS shows every tax sale property for sale in Ontario -- see pictures of tax sale houses, vacant land, commercial properties, industrial properties, cottages, island properties, farmland, residential, waterfront, water access only and more. At some point, properties will be available in your community. Also known as property tax lien sales, tax foreclosure properties or municipal tax sale properties. These properties are usually offered for sale at prices well below market value.  As well, most mortgages are eliminated by a tax sale.

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Halton Hills
Tax sale on
Sep 16,2021
3 Properties

Tax sale on
Sep 16,2021
5 Properties

Middlesex Centre
Tax sale on
Sep 15,2021
1 Property

Tax sale on
Sep 01,2021
2 Properties

Huron East
Tax sale on
Sep 01,2021
1 Property

South Dundas
Tax sale on
Aug 27,2021
3 Properties

Hastings Highlands
Tax sale on
Aug 26,2021
5 Properties

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